When the known health problems come back despite shielding!
When the known health problems come back despite shielding!

From the practice: Radiation protection mats do not work anymore?

Sometimes, it is possible to help patients quickly and show them how effective this uncomplicated radiation protection is at the same time.

In 2011, I went to the H. family’s house in Lauterach for a geobiological assessment of their bedroom. At the time, Mr H. complained about constant fatigue, lack of energy, and tensions in his back. Mrs H. had sleep problems and also constantly “under power”. After installing the technical radiation protection, it was as if all of the problems had been “blown away”.

Radiation protection and dust - vacuum regularly!
Radiation protection and dust – vacuum regularly!

GEOVITAL radiation protection mats do not work anymore!

After a year, I had Mr H. on the telephone. He was complaining that all of the suffering had started again and that the radiation protection mats needed to be changed because they had broken. “I have been moving from left to right at night for a week now and cannot get any sleep – I do not want this anymore!” He said no to my inquiry about whether he had changed the position of the bed.

I went back to the patient’s house on the same day and the geobiological measurement clearly showed the full strength of the water vein and grid points in the bed. This was very suspicious to me. When I asked him when the last time he vacuumed the mats was, Mr H. was very quiet and began to apologize. He had not thought about it anymore and the mats had not been vacuumed for two months. This was fixed immediately.



Vacuuming is crucial with the radiation protection mats!

The Geovital radiation protection mats work with a technical inference which attracts house dust (the patient is told several times). Vacuum once every 4-8 weeks, it is not necessary to vacuum more often.

A few days later, I received a happy phone call: “I can sleep well again, thank you for the quick help!”

“Can there be any better evidence of the impact of the radiation protection mats against natural radiation than this,” I thought to myself. “I also know this from my own experience!”



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