Employees with lots of sick days
Employees with lots of sick days

From the practice: Grids and water veins

A department manager from the industry talked to the Geovital Academy. He related the discontent in his department because the same employees had been going on sick leave time and time again for a long time. This demotivated the other colleagues and the efficiency and results also decreased.

The academy carried out a measurement of the office space. A few grid crossing points and a water vein could be detected. After the localization of these influences, the department manager was speechless, the points were exactly in the work places of the constantly ill employees. Satellite radiation protection mats were installed and an observation period was scheduled without the employees’ knowledge.



Considerable improvement in the department after the fault clearance

After a few weeks, Geovital received a phone call from a very happy department manager. Not only was his division now fully staffed all the time, but a very positive change in the employees’ motivation had set in as a side effect. After these few weeks, the department manager was asked many times about his changed department: “What management change did you make to achieve such a transformation?”

(Excerpt from a personal conversation with Sascha Hahnen/Geovital)



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