Shielded doctor's office Sven Seewald, Bregenz
Shielded doctor’s office Sven Seewald, Bregenz

From the practice: When the rheumatism patient helps their doctor

I got to know Dr. Seewald as a doctor for osteopathy and pain therapy during my search for help with my rheumatism. Before then, I looked for help from practitioners, alternative practitioners, and on the Internet, but they were not much help for my rheumatism.

Shielded Dr. Seewald practice
Shielded Dr. Seewald practice

A great team effort, in which we actively co-operated, emerged from my role as the patient. Dr. Seewald has an impressive network of specialists that he can use for his patients at any time. The holistic direction of his treatment still impresses and convinces me.

Dr. Seewald informed me about the relocation of his practice at the end of 2012 and that he was very interested in electrobiological shielding for his new practice, now that he knows a specialist for burdens caused by environmental influences. It was important to him to make treatment rooms for the patients that are shielded in order to make his treatment as successful as possible.


Implementing the technical shielding according to Faraday

Verification of the earth on the wall painted with T98 Alpha
Verification of the earth on the wall painted with T98 Alpha

From time to time, I spoke with the responsible construction manager on-site and trained the workmen to correctly use the shielding paint, ground the Faraday cage, and make the shielding curtain with silver threads to reflect radiation on the large windows of the practice. This also includes the follow-up inspection after carrying out each shielding job. The quality and effect of the GEOVITAL products has been confirmed once again here, the measurements are and were simply convincing.

The shielding was finally accepted in May 2013. The new, very nice Dr. Seewald practice, which is bathed in light, is equipped for the next generation of mobile radio without a shadow of a doubt. As a patient, it is also a blessing to undergo treatment in such a lovely, thought out, and appealing practice, also knowing that you are spending the whole time in an electrobiologically protected area.

We would like to wish Dr. Seewald a very successful new “medical practice”.


High-frequency measurements of the Dr. Seewald practice
High-frequency measurements of the Dr. Seewald practice

Image 1 (left): Measurements outside of the practice, on the balcony. Anything over 2,000 µWatt/m² can no longer be measured and is displayed with the number 1. The medical limit is 30 µWatt/m².

Image 2 (middle): Measurement inside of the shielded practice with an unprotected open window side. The wall shielding with T98 Alpha lowers the measurement from the immeasurable 2,000+ µWatt range to an impressive 583 µWatt/m².

Image 3 (right): Measurement inside of the practice with a closed and very translucent curtain made of NOVA shielding fabric. With a HF burden of 13 µWatt/m², the staff and patients are far from the 30 µWatt/m² limit. Such a number should be the EMF standard in every bedroom because it is only possible to get a refreshing and relaxing sleep that way.



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