Since March 2019 we also deliver to Switzerland and Liechtenstein!

For years it was not possible to deliver directly to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This changed in March 2019.

  • If you live in Switzerland / Liechtenstein and have it delivered directly to Switzerland / Liechtenstein, you can buy tax-free without VAT.
  • We ship your order via the Austrian Post. Any customs duties and the import sales tax will be charged to you by the Swiss postal partner.
  • We ship as insured package up to €100 value of goods. You decide on the extended insurance amount up to max. €510. Attention: In case of damage, this is the maximum amount of the Austrian Post’s claims payment to you!
  • Orders with a weight of more than 20 kg can not be ordered directly due to the extremely high transport charges. In this case, you request an offer because the shipping via forwarding will be done.

Shipping fees for Switzerland and Liechtenstein


We ship via the Austrian Post and forward the direct shipping costs to the customer – see the tariff information of Austrian Post. All details collected also on our information page shipping costs. As a processing fee for packing and preparation of customs documents for shipping, we charge a flat rate of €3.

Delivery to a shipping address in the EU

The advantage of this shipping option is the full shipping insurance up to €25,000 as well as low shipping costs – also free of charge.

VARIANT 1 – Self-clearance for VAT refund:

It is possible to order with a billing address in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, but delivered to an address in the EU. An immediate tax-free invoice is not possible in this case ie. You pay the full VAT when ordering. Upon request, we will place a U34 self-customs clearance form with your order, which you will have the customs office stamped together with the invoice as an export. Please send us this documents by post in the original. Upon receipt and verification, we will refund you the VAT directly to your bank account or PayPal. Due to the very high costs, we charge a processing fee of € 30.00 for orders with a net value of less than € 125.00.

VARIATION 2 – Delivery to a parcel service in the border area

Similar to variant 1 and yet different. On the one hand, you can use the service provided by the parcel service near the border to deliver your order. These can then pick up and importing by yourself – see Variant 1. The alternative is Variant 2 in which the parcel service takes care of importing to Switzerland and Liechtenstein and delivers your order directly to your home. Please clarify the topic of the VAT refund directly with the parcel service. Details can be found directly at the respective package service. Below are the addresses we already know about this parcel service.

Grenzpaket GmbH
Michael Aust
Hirsacker 14
78244 Gottmadingen, Deutschland

Swiss Paket
Westendstrasse 23
79725 Laufenburg, Deuschland

If you have any questions about shipping to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, please contact us at E info (at) or at T +43 5574 24010.

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