Help from the police
Help from the police

From the practice: Water veins and high-voltage lines

Postman F. from M. filed a complaint at the police station against a fellow citizen because his wife felt that she was being followed by the evil eye. Mrs F. always had conflicts with the neighbors in her old residence. As a clever woman, she solved the problem by moving to the neighboring town.

Call for help at the police station leads to Geovital
Call for help at the police station leads to Geovital

Everything went well initially, but after two weeks, Mrs F. felt disturbed and that she was being watched while sleeping. In her dreams, she saw her former neighbors who abused and tormented her. Strangely, however, her pain did not disappear with the dreams, but it continued all-day. After waking up, Mrs F. saw evil eyes, lights, hideous colors, and obscene acts behind the curtain.

Blue marks and grazes on her body made her husband active, even though he never felt disturbed and also never saw anything unusual. He went to the police station, who could not help him, because his wife apparently wasn’t all there in the head. The criminal investigation department recommended that the married couple should seek me out.



Strong, detrimental tensions were detected

Local measurements in the old and new residence revealed considerable geopathic disturbances caused by water veins with a significant deterioration in the new home. The woman grazed herself on the stairs; she temporarily walked uncontrollably with a strong left-hand twist as soon as she walked past a tension field. She also complained about sharp pains in the left leg and left hip.

A bright quartz streetlamp was lit at night on the roadside outside of the house, five meters away from the bed, and a high-voltage line ran 20 meters away. The roof of their attic was insulated with aluminum foil, but not grounded. Because the married couple did not want to move again, they shielded their home based on my suggestions. The problems disappeared.

(Excerpt from the textbook: “Healing is (no) wonder” by Sascha Hahnen/Geovital)



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