Example of the CBDprime checkout page
Example of the CBDprime checkout page

Our hotline for all cases +43 5574 24010 (Mo-Fr 18:00-21:00, Sa 10:00-16:00) or write an e-mail to “info (at) cbdprime.shop” or use the Live Chat below.



Please make sure that you have filled in all of the required fields!

  1. Enter your personal information, as well your address WITH HOUSE NUMBER
    We use an automatic address check for your address. Enter your address in one piece without any commas, like so: “münchen esterbergstraße 13 deutschland”. The address appears below and you can click on it.
  2. Choose the desired payment method in the right column
  3. Accept the T&C and cancellation policy in the right column
  4. Click on the “BUY NOW” button
    Depending on the payment method, the purchase will be completed or you will be redirected to the payment provider to pay.
  5. Display of the order overview and you receive an e-mail with all of the order details


Known issues that can complicate your order

This error message is probably due to the automatic country recognition not working.

Geben Sie die Adresse manuell ein OHNE automatische Erkennung
Enter your address manually WITHOUT automatic recognition

Click on “Adress not found?” and enter your entire address in 4 fields.

Deactivate the blocker extensions on your browser
Blocker extensions disrupt the basic functions of an online shop MASSIVELY, payment systems do not work anymore, or orders cannot even be completed by clicking on the order button anymore. Typical extensions that are known for problems with online shops. The only way to help with this to deactivate them for the PROnatur24 online shop:

  • NoScript (http://www.google.at/search?q=noscript)
    NoScript is a browser extension that automatically stops JavaScript functions on your browser. The consequence of this is that a product can no longer be added to the cart, or you can no longer be redirected to payment providers, such as PayPal, instant transfers, or credit cards.

    NoScript deaktiveren
    Deactivate NoScript for PROnatur24
  • AdBlocker (http://www.google.at/search?q=adblocker)
    AdBlocker is an extension that mainly stops advertisements on your homepage. This does not necessarily affect an online shop, but this extension blocks help displays or additional information about individual products.

    Deactivate AdBlocker for PROnatur24

Always use a current browser to surf the Internet!

Choose between these three Internet browsers to surf the Internet in a modern and multimedial way. Always think about using the latest version.


Live-Chat für schnelle Hilfe

We have launched the Live Chat for several reasons. One of them was clearly to be able to answer questions about products as quickly as possible. Another was obviously to be able to offer assistance should something in the shop not work. For quick assistance, it is always very helpful to know which operating system you are using, the name and version of your browser, error messages (if displayed), and a quick description of what isn’t working.

Please understand that the Chat is not continuously active 24/7. However, we are online as often as possible for you!