Einfach bezahlen mit QR Code und Girocode bzw. Scan & Pay
Pay easily with a QR Code and Girocode or Scan & Pay

Pay simply with a smartphone & QR Code

Besides the modern digital payment methods such as PayPal, credit cards, instant transfers, etc, the classic bank transfer is still used by a lot of people. We are talking about the classic prepayment and purchase on invoice.

If only the “new” account number – the 20- or 22-digit number – was a little bit shorter. It is very easy to mistype these numbers, especially when they are not printed in blocks of 4 on the invoice.

GIROCODE + SCAN & PAY is different, so is PROnatur24!

We have been unlucky with these situations since the beginning and looked for a user-friendly alternative for a long time. A solution that makes correctly typing the number unnecessary, and we have now found that solution. Your smartphone is the key for quick and easy payment via the classic bank transfer. With the QR Code, paying is now a fingertip away WITHOUT annoying:

  • 20- or 22-digit IBAN account numbers
  • Name of the recipient
  • Amount in euros
  • Order number

We now make bank transfers up-to-date and simple as well!

You will see the QR code on the page and in your order e-mail straight after placing your order. The only thing you need to do is grab your smartphone.

  1. Launch the bank app
  2. Choose “Scan & Pay” and point the smartphone towards the QR code
  3. Pay with your fingertip by clicking on the payment button – DONE!

If this simple payment is too unusually easy, we recommend checking the information listed on the screen after scanning the QR code. You will see that everything is correct, starting with the amount in € and the order number, followed by the IBAN account number and ending with PROnatur24 Handels e.U. as the recipient.