REVIEWS – here speak just our clients without exception!

REVIEWS – here speak just our clients without exception!

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Excellent product to help me with my ibs and gut problems. Like the fact that its pure without any fillers
Kat - avatar Kat

This protective bag was great at the beginning. However, the protection only worked for three months. I unstitched the seams and wrapped aluminum foil between the inner lining and the outer cover then I sewed them back together. Since then, it has been working perfectly. The bag is much too expensive for the effort, though, hence just 2 stars.
Sonja Rehfeldt - avatar Sonja Rehfeldt

Great product, good design. And, above all, it does WHAT IT PROMISES. If the cell phone is in the big pocket, the connection is lost. There is no better proof for me than this. There are so many things on the market that claim to protect from radiation. Everything was accounted for scientifically with this product and I can also see myself that it works because of the connection being lost when the phone is hidden in the big pocket. I recommend anyone who wants protection from radiation and wants to keep their personal information.
Raphael - avatar Raphael

I absolutely recommend buying this.
I am happy that I bought this sleeping bag.
I have had palpitations and tinnitus because of radiation. With the sleeping bag, I can barely even hear the noises anymore. The palpitations are also a thing of the past. I would also like to thank you for the advice.
Anita Lüdenscheid - avatar Anita Lüdenscheid

Full score! I can finally sleep in hotel rooms without having to torment myself through the night. I don’t drive anywhere without my sleeping bag anymore. Thank you very much!
Thyra Hannover - avatar Thyra Hannover

I sleep wonderfully!!! I felt like a new person after just 3 nights! I am back to myself and well-rested every morning!
Wonderful – thank you very much!

Info for electricians: my electrician helped me install it was not very lucky with the earth on the socket. He installed the earth on the central heating.
Marianne Zellweger - avatar Marianne Zellweger

I am consistently happy with this product. Kind regards.
A. Stempfle - avatar A. Stempfle

Your pages and products left a good impression on me from the beginning. I have been looking for a cell phone case like this one for a while. The delivery was fast and simple.
The case is very well-designed. The colors are a matter of taste; I would have liked a completely black case more, for example.
The only flaw is the seal. I think this could still be improved. After settling in for a little while, however, the case closes smoothly. All in all a great product that is worth its price.
It is nice that you give us this, dear PROnatur24-Team, in times of total surveillance and minimal freedom in this system, it is good to know that you can protect yourself and that you don’t have to helplessly give control.
Thumbs up, keep going!
Buonarroti - avatar Buonarroti

Great idea to test this mattress – my body adjusted to it after 3-4 days and now I don’t want to give it back!
Regards, Gerd from Austria
Gerd Unterweger - avatar Gerd Unterweger

My daughter and I are happy about our new e-wall radiation protection cases! Thank you!
Astrid Vinkov - avatar Astrid Vinkov